The Dawn of the New World

The Dawn of the New World is about old and new humanity. The old is the one in which we are immersed, the new is the one that is being born with the awakening.

The Dawn of the New World. Humanity after the end of the New World Order (English Edition)

After the extraordinary success of the best seller The End of the New World Order: The Fall of the Global Elite, Gabriele Sannino returns with a new explosive essay. The Dawn of the New World: Humanity after the end of the New World Order is a well-documented and fundamental book for understanding today’s world, the disturbing background of politics, religion, economics and science, to understand how, for centuries, we have been deceived about everything by occult power elites who, with the falsification of history and the manipulation of information, have attempted to establish a dystopian New World Order, an Orwellian globalization based on the centralization of resources, control and on social credit, single thinking and digital slavery. A criminal, genocidal and anti-human project that is today inexorably sinking under the pressure of the failure of the 2030 Agenda and the global “pandemic” coup of 2020 and the action of multiple forces that are finally placing humanity on the threshold of a new era.

This book talks about the humanity to come, especially emphasising the differences between the old and the new humanity. Indeed, the events that are happening in the world will deter-mine the very humanity of the future.

It will be the knowledge we have gained (or will gain) from it that will make us members of the old or the new humanity.

Knowledge is Power, it has always been so and always will. That is why, nowadays more than ever before in history, we need to have the kind of knowledge that allows us to look at things from above, so that we have the widest possible perspective.

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Gabriele Sannino è uno scrittore e un giornalista.
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