The end of the New World Order

A book about occult powers, the notorious elite, and its imminent collapse.

This book is about the so-called Deep State, made up of the transnational financial elite, i.e. the great dynasties such as Rothschild, Rockefeller, Warburg, but also the Vatican, royal families and a global plethora of corrupt administrators and / or politicians in the pay of this, whose true power remains – simply – the creation from nothing of money that buys everything and everyone. However, this elite is now running out: the project of the New World Order, in fact, has been sabotaged by an international alliance formed by some heads of state, military and intelligence apparatuses, who have studied the structure and operating methods for years. of this criminal organization. The global elite – it is now clear – is a real cancer for this humanity: the majority of our problems only stems from it. That is why the time has come for the true liberation of humanity, a liberation that will not only be economic, but also political, human, social and even spiritual.

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Gabriele Sannino è uno scrittore e un giornalista.
Collabora con diversi magazine come Nexus Italia, Puntozero e X-Times.

Sono uno scrittore e un giornalista, mi occupo di economia, politica, narrativa e crescita umana e spirituale.